Las Vegas Escorts: The New Beginning of the Service Industry

Some like to find a girl and pick her up on the street. Others require a more discreet way of meeting and being entertained by a woman. This entertainment does not always include sex, although it can.

When you pick someone up off the street, you have to pick someone from the right part of town. Contrary to popular belief, not all girls are clean, though they may give the appearance of it. This is one of the many reasons why you should work with an agency like Runway Escorts. You can be sure you are getting a date with a girl at Runway Escorts who has been checked out, verified, and one who comes highly recommended by others.

There are other reasons for choosing a Las Vegas Escorts Service Like Runway Escorts. Below you will find 4 reasons.

About Runway Escorts: Why You Can Put Your Trust In Their Women

Your Choice

You will have a variety of escorts to choose from. This is one of the main complaints men give their escort service experience. There is not a wide variety of escorts to choose from. Some men get stuck with a woman who is 100% against their type. This is what makes Runway a different kind of escort service.

Every straight man has a type of girl he goes for, even the ones who do not want to admit it. This escort service has virtually every type of girl under the sun. There should be no problem finding a date with them. You will get to pick your preferences right down to the age and size.

Some guys like chubby girls. Some guys like skinny girls. Some men like their girls a little bit in between. Anyway, you get the idea. You do not have to spend time with someone you do not like or do not want.

The Privacy

Many men are private about their activities. They do not want someone going around telling others what they did. There are many girls on the street who will do this. “Discretion is not always the better part of valor” here. Runway handles things differently. You want privacy, you have it. Those who do not care about their privacy still have it with this agency.

Anything you tell them or the girl you choose will stay with them. Some men like to pick out a girl just to have someone to talk to. They want someone who will not reveal their inner most secrets. Some guys can get pretty graphic with the stuff they are into. As long as the boundaries are kept in tack, Runway presents no problems for their girls or clients.

Classing It Up A Bit

We all know that some escort services are not as classy as they should be. You will not find this with Runway. There is a big difference between a prostitute and an escort. Think of it like going into a business meeting with another associate. They conduct themselves with the utmost respect, class, and charisma. Prostitutes are at the lower end of the food chain.

An escort will know how to carry herself at all times. Each of these girls is highly intelligent. It is not like you will get stuck with a bunch of bimbos. These are not the girls you find in a porno flick. These girls are very protective of themselves. They will let a guy know when he gets out of line. It is all part of their training.

This is another difference between a prostitute and an escort. The only thing a prostitute is trained in is giving sex of any kind. An escort has a more worldly training about her. She knows things about life that do not just come from the street.

The Vetting Process

Here is another difference. Prostitutes are not vetted. An escort is. They go through a vetting process that weeds out the good from the bad. Runway does not take any bad escorts. It is bad for their image. Anyone can be a prostitute.

This process also weeds out the girls who will steal from you. They will weed out the ones who carry diseases. You take a gamble with a prostitute. A prostitute will lie, steal, and even give you a bad infection. Escorts do not do this. The agency makes sure of it.


You can put your trust in what Runway has to offer its clients. They have spent many years building up their reputation. They come highly recommended by many, including lawyers, elected officials, and doctors. Think of them as the cream of the crop. Escorts are now becoming the more preferred way to go for adult entertainment.

Las Vegas Disco Club

When you feel like dancing, there’s no place quite like Las Vegas. Here is where you find the kind of talented DJs that really bring in the crowds because they know how to work that music! On or off the strip, there are dozens of dance clubs in Vegas. Some are more popular than others, all you need to do is decide which one to start the night at and make your own judgements.

Choosing between all that Vegas has to offer can be the roughest part but no worries, this article includes information on some of the more popular dance clubs just to get you going. You can dance the night away at any of them and have the kind of memorable good times Las Vegas is famous for. Disco and dancing is alive and well in Vegas so slip into your dancing clothes and come join the party.

Ever Partied On Wheels (Legally)?

The DiscoBus is the most awesome ride you’ll ever take. Actually, it’s a bit more than a simple bus ride, this is a nightclub on wheels, literally. The interior design certainly resembles the inside of a “grounded” club including show lights, several TV’s, a real bar, and music that includes a live DJ to help you get motivated.

Imagine rolling down the road while enjoying the kind of Luxury clubbing only Vegas can offer. Many corporations have rewarded employees with a trip on the DiscoBus but that doesn’t mean it can’t be had for private parties or for a family get together. No matter what the reason for the ride is, it will be one you remember for a long time.

If You Really Want To Impress Your Partner, Take Them Dancing Under The Stars

The Voodoo club is something you have to see to believe. Right off the strip and 51 stories up, you can enjoy an excellent menu, drinks made by award-winning bartenders, and dance under the stars out on the patio. Dancing outside has a whole different feel to it than indoors. Of course that could be because you are surrounded by truly awesome views of the city, especially in the evening when Vegas turns her lights on.

Live DJ’s know how to keep the party atmosphere going and the cool breeze you feel that high up somehow feels better than any AC unit ever could. Known as one of the wildest clubs in the city, the VooDoo Rooftop is a “must do” for serious clubbers out for the best Vegas has to offer. Don’t leave before trying its world-famous “Witch Doctor,” a huge rum cocktail topped with dry ice. You’ll see it isn’t famous for nothing with the first sip.

To See and Be Seen, This Is A Club You Don’t Want To Miss

The Chateau Nightclub has three stories, claims over 45,000 square feet and they make every one of them count. Located on the strip at the base of the Eiffel Tower (Paris Las Vegas), the outdoor patio at the Chateau is more than just a place to dance. The Chateau Gardens Rooftop has cabanas available with VIP bottle service on request and showcases a skyline nearly as impressive as the list of celebrities that have been seen there.

While you dance and enjoy the view, you never know who may be on the floor with you. Shaquille O’Neal, the Backstreet Boys, Cain Velasquez and Shania Twain are just few of the famous faces that have been seen enjoying the nightlife Vegas style at the Chateau.

This Is What The “Night Life” Is All About

The Light Nightclub features state of the art equipment than ensures you enjoy every moment of your visit. They take cutting edge technology combined with imagination and use them to turn on the kind of dance magic that makes your whole night worthwhile. This stylish, 38,000 square foot club features some of the most well-known DJ’s on the planet.

The DJ’s partner themselves with performers, including dressing in avant-garde costumes to put on a show you’ll be talking about for a long time. Lighting, sound and special effects at the Light help ensure you will enjoy your night out enough you’ll be coming back for more.

Never Go Clubbing In Vegas Without Stopping Here

The Cosmopolitan is more than worth a visit. This giant place is actually 3 clubs in one so whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it here. The “main” club has all you need for a memorable night out. Here you’ll hear music you can actually dance to with plenty of space to do it in as well as a wide enough variety of quality liquor to satisfy whatever your thirsty for. That isn’t all though, after this section of the Cosmopolitan there are the other two options to consider.

The “Boombox” has all the same amenities as the “main club” but it’s a little more private. When you’re ready to be as alone as you can be in a club, this is the spot to head for. Also under the same roof is the “Library.” Even if you have the stamina to dance all night, you need a break now and then. You can find a spot to relax in the Library without ever leaving the premises so when you feel refreshed enough, the dance floor is only a few steps away.

Top 10 Disco Song Still Hot Today

Disco music was a big hit back in the 1980s. People would listen to this music while they went to clubs and danced. Disco brought in an era like no other. While this music may not longer be played on mainstream radio there are still some songs that are played today. These are the top 10 disco songs that are still played today.
.10 Freak Out by Le Freak
Just about everyone has heard this song at one time or another. The song contains the phrase “Freak Out”. It was played in clubs when disco was popular and it is still played in clubs today. It has become a party anthem for clubs today as well. The song is catchy and easy to sing along to.
.9 I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor
This song gives power to those going through a break up. It lets a person know they will be okay and they have the strength to move on and find someone that will really love them. It also happens to have a catchy beat to it. The song is easy to dance to and is also easy to sing along with. It does have a message of empowerment behind a dance beat.
.8 Staying Alive by the Bee Gees
The Bee Gees have had a number of hits but this song is one of their best known songs. The song has a very upbeat tempo that is easy to dance with. It has been featured in a number of movies and is still played at clubs and parties. This song is still very popular today.
.7 Hot Stuff by Donna Summers
This song became a big hit and helped disco go mainstream. This song combined the sound of disco with a hint of pop music. There is a guitar and the beat is harder than most pop songs but it is still easy to sing along with. This song was also one of the first songs that made it okay for a woman to talk about her sexual urges and made it okay for a woman to be sexual.
. 6 YMCA by the Village People
This song has some dance moves that go along with. Even today people cannot resist grown men in costumes spelling out the letters of this song. It is easy to dance along to and no special moves are required. All a person has to do is shape the letters using this hands and follow along with the crowd. This is still one of the most danced to songs at parties today and is used to get people up and dancing.
.5 Disco Inferno by The Tammps
This song has good beat. It is also a long song running almost 11 minutes when fully played. Many clubs tend to shorten the playing time down. The song is also easy to sing along with and can be used to get the party hot.
.4 Its Raining Men by The Weather Girls
This song has easy lyrics and overall is a fun song to listen to. This song is very popular in clubs and is a favorite in gay clubs. It makes people get up and dance and sing along. This is also one of the first songs that allowed women to express their interest in men and have it be accepted.
.3 Dancing Queen by ABBA
This is still a song that is very popular. It has a catchy beat as well as a chorus that is extremely catchy. Before a person knows what is happening they will find themselves singing along. Some people may have described this song as annoying at one point but it is still loved by more people with the catchy melody. Many people that state they do not like the song find themselves singing along to it.
.2 September by Earth Wind and Fire
This song is a true disco song but a real disco band. It makes a person want to get up and dance along with it. The chorus is very catchy as well. This song is still played at a number of events to get the part going.
.1 Funkytown by the Lipps, Inc
There is not one person that does not want to go to funky town. This song makes it should like a great place to be. There is a lot of singing, dancing, and funky fun. Funkytown is still played in many places today. It sounds like a great place and people during the disco era wanted to be there as well as those in the modern time.
These are 10 of the best disco songs of all time. They are catchy and people still want to get up to sing and dance with them today. These songs are still played to help people get up and get moving.