The Original Family Dance Party
Zevia 5 can shot ZEVIA SODA

Smart people drink smarter soda.  This is one of the many reasons we love Zevia Zero Calorie Soda.  (That, and those bubbles fuel our passion to dance!)  Give your loved ones the soda they crave without the calories or artificial sweeteners.  Instead, Zevia is sweetened with stevia, a plant based sweetener, 200x sweeter than sugar with no caloric value or effect on blood glucose levels.  This great tasting, all natural, diet soda is available in a variety of favorite flavors, including Cola, Ginger Ale, Grape, Cream Soda and many more, 15 in fact.  Check out their great flavors and find a retailer in your area here.  Follow Zevia on Facebook and Twitter for your chance to win tickets to a BLD event and look for Zevia at all BLD events this fall!